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How Well Do Becky & Brianna Know Each Other?

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Rapid Fire Round!


Though the business name and official formation of Love & Lenses happened in June 2017, the foundation of Love & Lenses was born in November of 2012 when Brianna and Becky first shot a wedding together.

After knowing each other as acquaintances for about 6 years, Becky found out that Brianna had been spending the past few years working on creating a photography business. Becky herself had been interested in getting started in photography and offered to assist Brianna for an upcoming wedding for free. Within the first hour of working the wedding together, the two discovered they worked together like they had been doing this for years.

A strong business partnership quickly formed as Brianna and Becky agreed that someday they would combine their businesses and work together. Until then, Brianna Foster Photography and Rebecca Mulvey Photography would run independently but identically.

In June 2017, an opportunity for an office space like they had always dreamed of suddenly came up. After some quick discussion, Becky and Brianna decided that this was the chance to do what they had talked about for the past 5 years. A week later, Love & Lenses Photography was officially up and running with a lease for our new home in Hillsdale, New Jersey!