Digital File Purchases

    Each image you see in your gallery has been carefully edited into a piece of art. It is our vision, and our time spent at the computer to bring out the best in your session. Each regular hour-long session can take 3 additional hours at the computer culling to pick the best ones and editing to make sure our vision for your session is brought to life.


While you now have 3 options to choose from for your packages, you may choose to purchase additional photos after seeing your gallery.

The rates for purchasing additional files beyond the package you paid for are as follows:

$20 per file if purchased individually through your gallery

$125 for 20 files emailed to you using WeTransfer*

$200 per 50 files emailed to you using WeTransfer*

$500 per 150 files (bulk savings)**

Custom pricing for file purchases more than 150 files

*Links sent via WeTransfer are active for 10 days. You will receive an email with the link to download your compressed folder of files. You must follow the link and download the images within those 10 days or the link will become inactive. To send the files again will incur a $50 fee.

**Purchasing digital files in bulk (150+ files) will arrive to you on a USB drive and typically take 2-3 weeks.


Purchasing digital files individually from your online galleries is available in the "Featured Items" category of our price list.

To place a special order for WeTransfer and bulk purchasing, create a Favorites list of the images you wish to purchase and send us a separate email detailing how many files you are ordering, and an invoice will be sent to you for the price agreed on.

For bulk purchases greater than 150 files or for another number greater than 50 files, please contact us to discuss price. Prints and other products are still available to purchase through your online galleries like they always have been.

Please know that due to the "special order" nature of the multiple digital file purchases, the 10% off coupons are not valid on special orders.



We thank you very much for your understanding of how we choose to run our business, how we value our work, and the time we put into giving you the best possible product we can.



Below is the licensing agreement that you agree to by purchasing digital files:

Digital files are only for personal use and may not be used for financial gain or entering contests unless otherwise stated by the photographer. The owner of the copyrighted photograph or video being purchased (the "Work"), hereby grants you the non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-sublicensable, and perpetual right to use, reproduce and distribute the copyrighted Work for personal non-profit purposes, and to incorporate the copyrighted Work, in whole or in part, into derivative works for non-profit distribution. You are prohibited from using the Work for any other purpose, including: using, reproducing or distributing the Work and/or materials incorporating all or any part of the Work for profit; selling electronic copies of the Work as standalone files or as part of a product from which a person is able to extract the Work as a standalone file; distributing the Work in or as part of an electronic template (e.g., as an image available in a word processing or web page creation application) intended to be reproduced by third parties on electronic or printed products; or using the Work as part of a trademark, service mark or logo. Owner retains all other rights in the Work and any derivative work, excluding the right to sell and/or license the Work in all markets and territories. In consideration for the grant of this non-exclusive license, you agree to pay Owner the amount specified, due and payable immediately prior to your downloading a digital copy of the Work. Once payment is made, there can be no refunds or swapping of digital files. This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey. 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!