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Meet Autumn!


Hi everyone! I’m Autumn Breeze. Yes, my middle name is actually Breeze, and no, my parents are not hippies. I’m a recent college graduate from Dominican College with my degree in Social Science Psychology and a minor in Communications.

I am hopelessly addicted to coffee, I love making a complete fool out of myself, and I absolutely love everything about organizing and planning. I’ve been babysitting since the age of 10, and I’ve been nannying for the past 5 years. I also volunteer on the local ambulance corps, which keep me busy with committee meetings and running calls.

I created Autumn Breezy Customized in March of 2015 out of complete and utter frustration. I never meant to start my own business, but that’s just where it took me. I was using 3 planners at once and it just wasn’t working for me anymore. I kept missing deadlines and forgetting to do things and I had enough. I made a chart on a word document, printed it, and started using it the same day. That’s when it all began. 

In July, I made my first planners. They went to my best friends and word got around. About a week later, I listed them on Etsy. As of now, I’ve made over 100 planners. 

Not too much later after the regular planners started to sell, I started to dabble in wedding planners. The Autumn Breezy Wedding Planner is now a top seller in the Shop. It has everything a bride-to-be could possibly need.

My favorite part of creating planners for others is the ideas that I get from it. Half of the page additions are suggestions from customers, so thank YOU for helping Autumn Breezy Customized become what it is today.