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Payment Information

 To keep things simple, donations must be made through our Operation Smile OneSmile Donation page for this event. Donations must be made by June 6, 2018 in order to participate in the fundraiser. Making the donation online will allow your donation to be tax deductible. Click here to visit our donation page.


Q: Why is the session fee a “suggested donation of at least $30”?
        A: Each operation costs $240, so by offering 15 minute mini-sessions for at least $30 we can raise enough money to pay for an operation every two hours per photographer! What you decide to donate is up to you, but we ask that it be at least $30 so we can reach our goal.

Q: What is included in my session fee?
        A: Like other sessions and events, your mini-session includes Facebook images (unless specified), and online gallery, post-processing, and a 10% off coupon. As a special thank you you’ll also get one free digital file of your choice from your online gallery!

Q: Why do the donations need to be in by June 7th?
        A: We are setting the date as close to the main event date as possible to allow for your changing schedule, however we need to know if we have slots to fill with people on our waiting list if you cannot attend at the last minute.

Q: My plans suddenly changed. Can I get my money back or re-schedule the mini-session?
        A: Because the online donations are made directly to Operation Smile, they cannot be refunded. Unless we need to use the rain date (June 24th, 2018), no other dates for the fundraiser will be added. We love the ability to donate my time to Operation Smile twice a year, but as business owners we cannot afford to take paying work days away from ourselves and our other clients. We hope that you understand!