Love & Lenses Photography | PFOS Post Processing and Ordering Info

Post-Portrait Process and Ordering Information

After the event, we will go through and edit a few select images from each session and post to our Facebook page ((unless social media posting is denied by client on form) in a Sneak Peek album.

Once all the images are edited (approximately 2-4 weeks), they will be uploaded to an online gallery on our website and you will receive an email letting you know your photos are ready. An unlimited use coupon code for 10% off good for 1 month from the date the gallery is posted will be included in this email. After the gallery is uploaded, you can email us with your photo choice for the free digital file within ONE (1) week of receiving your "Gallery Ready" email.


Q: Can I buy the digital files?
        A: Yes! Single files are $20 each, 50 files are $200 and 150 are $500. Purchases of 50 or more files will arrive on a USB drive. We also offer a special for our Photos at the Farm clients: 20 files for $100. These do not come on a USB drive but will be emailed to you using WeTransfer.

Q: What are the price ranges for purchasing prints?
        A:  Prints: 4x6 - $3; 5x7 - $5: 8x10 - $8; 11x14 - $25
These are just a small sample of print sizes and products available. Canvas prints, metal prints, and books are also available. Ask for more information!

Q: How many photos will we get?
        A:  It depends on the people in your session, but you could end up from anywhere between 30-100 photos. If your young ones are having a rough day and acting up, the number will be lower. If they're having a great day and are active and smiling, we may get a lot more shots out of them. If your group is small and mostly adults, you will probably have a somewhat lower number (as we won't have to take 20 pictures per pose to make sure no one is making googly eyes or pouting).

Q: How long will it take for the pictures to be ready?
        A:  It depends on where you are in the day's schedule. Photos will be processed chronologically, so the 9am slot will be the first to be processed and will most likely be done within a couple of days. the last slot may have to wait a couple of weeks. However, the Sneak Peek album will be up on Facebook within a day or two (unless social media posting is denied by client on form), and will contain pictures from all 24 sessions

Q: What is a Sneak Peek album?
        A:  We get just as excited as you do about pictures! This means we can hardly wait to get back to our computers to see how they turned out. Within a day or two of the event, we go through ALL the pictures quickly to pick out a couple of favorites from each session, process them and post them on Facebook (unless social media posting is denied by client on form) with watermarks for you to view and share while you wait for the rest to be done.

Q: What does "Process" mean?
        A:  Processing or post-processing your images means we go through and fine tune each image so it's the final work of art you would like hanging up in your home. It may include some light retouching (removal of temporary blemishes like scratches or acne), and sometimes conversion to black and white or other special color processing. This is what separates the art of photography from snapshots.

Q: How do I get my free digital file?
        A:  After you get your email that your online gallery is ready, simply email us which number picture you want within ONE (1) week of receiving your "Gallery Ready" email and we will email it over to you!