Ryerson Individual Sessions

For the first time, Love & Lenses is teaming up with the Ryerson PTO to make sure your children have an option for school portraits in 2020!


We know that many of you have not worked with us before but we want to reassure you that we have been running mini-session events for over 8 years and have created a flow so things run smoothly. Everything we've learned over the years of doing mini-sessions we have been able to transfer over for a smooth running of the individual portraits as well. All of the information you should need about the individual sessions with Love & Lenses Photography is right here!

Please note:

- Individual Sessions are meant for 1 student getting 1 photo. If you have siblings, you may sign up for 1 Individual Session per student. If you're looking for pictures of siblings together, you must either sign up for an additional Individual Session or book a 15-minute mini-session.

- Parents/guardians must remain with the student for the entirety of their session. To help prevent the potential spread of COVID and other seasonal germs, parents will be responsible for fixing students' hair/clothing once they are in place for their photos. 


If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please start by contacting the PTO at mjryersonpto@gmail.com.


Please read all of the information below even if you have participated in mini sessions with us previously as MANY things have changed.


Package Options



There are three package options for the individual sessions:

Package A - $80

1 digital file* of your choice

(2) 8x10 prints

(4) 5x7 prints

(4) 4x6 prints

24 wallets


Package B - $40

1 digital file* of your choice

(1) 8x10 prints

(2) 5x7 prints

8 wallets


Package C - $15

1 digital file* of your choice

*Digital files are the downloadable jpeg file of an individual photo. These included files are full resolution and non-watermarked.


Location Information



The location for the individual sessions is still being finalized by the PTO. Please check in here again soon for further information on location information.


Process Upon Arrival



We will be adding additional information here on the process upon arrival once the location is finalized. In the meantime, there is one thing that will be definite:

We ask that everyone in your party over the age of 2 be masked once you get our of your vehicle until you are seated/standing in place for your pictures, at which point they may be removed (on the student being photographed only). Masks must be put back on when walking back to your vehicle. Failure to follow this will result in the immediate ending of your session without a refund.


Late Arrivals



We are providing the individual sessions with an estimated time frame, due to the potential speed that we could end up going through the photos. As we proceed through the afternoon, we will go in order of whoever is there and ready in chronological order to the best of our ability.


Payment Information



Payments must be made through your quote that was sent to you upon confirmation of your timeslot. A deposit of $15 will be due at signing, with the balance (if there is one) due the day before your scheduled session. You will also be given the option to make the full payment up-front (if your chosen package is greater than $15). We will not be receiving payments on the day of the sessions, nor will any money be accepted at the event. Slots who don't pay by the day before their session will forfeit their timeslot and not refunded their deposit. 


Q: What is included in my session fee?
        A: Your individual session includes post-processing and a 10% off coupon. Your photos will be put together with the other individual photos in a gallery for Ryerson. You will also get 1 of your favorite images as a digital download at full resolution with no watermark. Depending on your package choice, you may also get a combination of print products. Your quote will have the options laid out and you will choose your package then. Please see Package Options above for more information.

Q: My plans suddenly changed. Can I get my deposit back or re-schedule session?

        A: Deposits are non-refundable. If we're able to, we might be able to reschedule you for a different date but we cannot promise it as an option. We will not be scheduling extra make-up sessions due to this being our busiest time of the year. We hope that you understand!


        A: Like the rest of the world, we are keeping our fingers crossed that another wave will not hit our area before sessions. However, we do understand that with a pandemic in the world, things are now trickier and uncertain. If there is another government shut down and we are legally unable to do the mini sessions, you will be refunded any payments made toward your mini session. Additional information on COVID protocols will be in your contract.


Post-Portrait Process and Ordering Information


Once all the images are edited (approximately 2-4 weeks), they will be uploaded to an online album within the Ryerson gallery on our website and you will receive an email letting you know your photos are ready. An unlimited use coupon code for 10% off good for 1 month from the date the gallery is posted will be included in this email. After the event, you will receive an email with a code and directions on how to use it to redeem your 3 files and products (if you ordered a package with products). Please do not lose this email as it will arrive 2-4 weeks before your album is ready.


Q: Can I buy additional digital files?
        A: Yes! There are several options for purchasing additional files directly through your online gallery.

Q: What are the price ranges for purchasing prints?
        A:  Prints: 4x6 - $5; 5x7 - $7: 8x10 - $10; 11x14 - $25
These are just a small sample of print sizes and products available. Canvas prints, metal prints, and books are also available. 


Q: How many photos will we get?
        A:  While we may take 3 or 4 images of your child to make sure there was no blinking, you will receive 1 in the Individual Sessions group album.


Q: How long will it take for the pictures to be ready?
        A:  It depends on where you are in the day's schedule. Photos will be processed chronologically, so the earliest slot will be the first to be processed and will most likely be done within a couple of days. The last slot may have to wait a couple of weeks. Please try to remember this is a busier than normal busy season for us with multiple events, wedding, and portrait sessions on top of the school portraits.


Q: What does "Process" mean?

        A:  Processing or post-processing your images means we go through and fine-tune each image so it's the final work of art you would like hanging up in your home. It may include some light retouching (removal of temporary blemishes like scratched or acne). This is what separates the art of photography from snapshots.


Q: How do I get my free digital file?
        A:  The day after the event, you will receive a follow-up thank you email with a specific coupon code and directions on how to select and download your chosen files. Please don't lose this email!


Bad Weather


Rain dates will be scheduled as needed, following the same M/T/TH/F schedule.


Bad weather happens, unfortunately -- so we need to have plans in the off chance we might have an unfavorable day for taking pictures!


If we are forecast for a high percentage of steady rain or thunderstorms, we may postpone to a rain date and you will be notified before the event.


If we are forecast for "iffy" weather (scattered thunderstorms, low percentages of rain, misty/foggy weather) we will still try to run the event. We will not shoot if thunder is audible, however. If your session gets passed due to waiting out a scattered storm, then we will reschedule you for the rain date.


If we have to postpone to use the rain date you will be notified no later than the day before the event. If you do not receive an email from us, then we will still be running the event.


Hopefully, none of this will matter and we will have bright and sunny days! Everyone think good thoughts!

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