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About Brianna

Growing up...

I remember my passion for photography started when I was 5 years old upon receiving my first "real" camera from my uncle. I ran around the house with my pink Kodak Mickey-Matic taking pictures of my family -- quickly learning to not use up my external flash card too quickly. By the time I was 16 and had earned my first real paycheck, it was no surprise that the entire check went to purchasing another camera.

While earning my degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Environmental Design, I went on a trip to Bethlehem Steel that changed the trajectory of my life. I was working on a design project for the in-progress 'Beth Works' plan which included taking on-site pictures. After sharing the pictures with my mom, one picture, in particular, jumped out at her as more than just a snapshot. Not only did I love to take pictures, but I also was good at it.

A few months later, I had gotten my first DSLR camera and was ecstatic to go places and teach myself how to use all the manual settings on the camera. Over the next couple of years, I was fortunate enough to build my skills through photographing landscapes and architecture in places like Ireland, Hawaii, Chicago, Louisville, Nashville, Savannah, and New York. I was learning to grow my business by relying on friends and family to hone my skills while working with people during maternity shoots, baby showers, and backyard weddings. However, I knew I still had plenty to learn when it came to working with clients and more intricate equipment.

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