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Sessions & Half-Sessions

For information on where and when to schedule your session, rain dates,  and other Frequently Asked Questions, see the links below


All Sessions with Love & Lenses include the following:

  • Professional image editing

  • Sneak Peeks (if images are allowed to be shared online)

  • Online password-protected gallery

  • 10% off coupon good for 1 month for gallery product purchases

  • Digital Downloads are not included but are available to add on as a pre-paid bundle or to purchase after your session through your gallery (see Frequently Asked Questions below or our Digital Download Information Page here)

  • Studio rental in Little Falls available for additional cost for requested studio use; see "In Studio" below

Full Hour Sessions

Riley's Sweet 16 Portraits PORTFOLIO-5.jpg

With a Love & Lenses Owner

1 hour with one of Love & Lenses' owners of your choice

Brianna or Rebecca


+ $25 charge for weekend sessions

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With a Love & Lenses Associate

1 hour with a Love & Lenses associate photographer

Rachael or other Associate


+ $25 charge for weekend sessions

Optional Add-Ons:
Rush your turnaround for an hour session for an additional $350*
*Brand Photography Rush Orders start at $400.
Reserve a specific Rain Date in advance: See "Rain Date Options" below

Half-Hour Sessions

Soni Graduation  (54 of 110).jpg

With a Love & Lenses Owner

30 minutes with one of Love & Lenses' owners of your choice

Brianna or Rebecca


+ $25 charge for weekend sessions


With a Love & Lenses Associate

30 minutes with a Love & Lenses associate photographer

Rachael or other Associate


+ $25 charge for weekend sessions

Optional Add-Ons:
Rush your turnaround for a half-hour session for an additional $250*
Brand Photography Rush Orders start at $300.
Reserve a specific Rain Date in advance: See "Rain Date Options" below
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We are primarily "on-location natural light" photographers. This means that rather than working entirely in a studio, we will set up your session someplace more personal for you and utilize as much natural light as possible. Sometimes it is a specific location that is important to you, such as the spot of a first date or a softball field where someone grew up playing.


If you don't have any place in mind, we'd love to help! We'll talk about your particular session and what kind of feeling you're looking for. Are you looking for something natural, sun-drenched, colorful, simple, rustic, edgy, urban -- you name it! We’ll offer some suggestions for known locations, or do some research for someplace new.


Depending on location, additional travel and entrance fees may apply. Standard government travel fees will apply for sessions further than 25 miles from Ringwood, NJ. Some locations we work at regularly  have a standard travel fee. See our Session Locations page for more information.


Please know that while we're open to new locations for sessions, there may be things we are not comfortable doing. For example, due to the high number of injuries and even deaths that occur, we will never shoot on railroad tracks. If you choose a location we're never shot at before, we will do our best to research any photography rules the location may have. Please be prepared for the possibility of needing a permit or of not being able to photograph at certain locations. We will do our best to find this out in advance.


Over the summer of 2017, the State of New Jersey changed its laws regarding photography in the State Parks. We are now required to carry a purchased permit in order to photograph sessions or events at any State Park within New Jersey. Because of this, sessions in State Parks now have a $15 surcharge added to the session price to cover the cost of the permit.

Tina & Toms Engagement Session BF-2.jpg


Because we won't be in a studio, we'll be limited by things like the weather and time of day. We'll never shoot outside in weather that can be hazardous (such as thunderstorms). If we decide the weather is going to be a problem we will call for a re-schedule and your deposit will be transferable. Don't be sad if you see a cloud! Cloudy days can actually give us very flattering light that will evenly light our subjects, much like a natural softbox. Let us know if you're open to continuing with your session if we have rain (not accompanied by thunder and lightning). Umbrellas and a sense of adventure can break up a session and give you pictures you'll never forget!


Outdoor photography has a specific time that works best for natural lighting. The ideal time for outdoor portraits is either 2-3 hours after sunrise or 2-3 hours before sunset. Since the sunrise and sunset times change over the course of the year, it changes the available times. Midday (when the sun is high in the sky) is a generally unflattering time of day to photograph people because of the shadows that are cast across our subject's faces. Occasionally we can work with shooting midday if we absolutely have to by using heavily shaded areas and other tricks for blocking out light, though it is not ideal. Please feel free to reach out to discuss what times are best for your session.


If you have a need for a studio session, or would like to discuss what we can do for a boudoir session (still using natural light), please check the "In Studio" section below.

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Rain Date Options
Martinez Family Session 2022 PORTFOLIO-6.jpg

Rain Date Options

There are now two options for Rain Dates!

Traditionally, if a session's day and time got rained out, we worked with our clients to then find another day/time that worked for everyone's schedules. While we still offer this for regular bookings, we now have the ability to reserve a specific date and time as your official Rain Date.

Prices are as follows:

Sessions With an Owner (Brianna or Rebecca)

Reserving a weekday Rain Date: $25

Reserving a weekend Rain Date: $100

Sessions With an Associate (Rachael)

Reserving a weekday Rain Date: $25

Reserving a weekend Rain Date: $75

Reserved Rain Date fees are non-refundable, even if the session does not get used as we have turned away other bookings for that day and time. Reserved Rain Dates can be added on anytime leading up to your session, but please be mindful that the closer you get to your session, the less availability there may be.

If you have any questions about our new Rain Date options, feel free to reach out to us!

In Studio

In Studio

Occasionally a session may call for use of a studio, and we can do that too!  


For an additional fee, we can rent out a studio in Little Falls, NJ. The rental fee covers the use of the entire studio for a minimum of 4 hours, which includes a white background, gray background, and black background. The studio also has a separate room set up as a simple bedroom where boudoir sessions can be done in privacy with incredible natural light pouring into the room. Along with a lounge, there is also a hair and makeup room where you can get ready.


The rental fee for the studio is added onto your session fee and starts at $175 for 4 hours for a weekday. Set up and clean up time is part of the studio rental time. The studio requires a non-refundable $75 deposit to hold the studio open.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Before Your Session

Inquiry Through Day Before the Session

Our sessions are mainly controlled by your vision. When you book a session, we will discuss your wants and needs for your portrait session. Whether it is a formal, casual, or mini-session, we are confident that we can work with your family to achieve the imagery desired.


This will include: selecting a date, location, and time; coordinating any possible permit requirements; possible required research; and having you fill out a request form and process your quote. A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your session date. This deposit can be made online through your quote, or a check can be sent. Please note your quote also includes a questionnaire and your digital contract to sign online.

During Your Session

Throughout Your Session

We follow the lead of the individuals, family, children, or whomever it is we are working with for the feel of the session. We want to capture you just as you are. We’ll encourage families to interact with each other, tell jokes and just have fun!

If you have little ones, please bring a backup change of clothes since you never know what can happen on location! Also remember, not every picture has to be everyone looking directly into the camera. Sometimes asking kids to sit and smile can create a stiff and robotic look. We'll do our best to get kids to laugh and smile naturally, and will ask if we need assistance.

After Your Session

The Day After to +6 weeks after your session

Sit back and relax!  We’ll be hard at work editing your images and choosing the best ones to present to you.  


We know you’re anxious, so we will provide you with a sneak peek of what we captured within a few days of your session. You will find your sneak peek on our Facebook page, where you can tag yourself and share with family members.  If you prefer photos from your session not to be used publicly, please note we are no longer doing Sneak Peeks for sessions marked for no public use.

Approximately 4-6 weeks after your session, you will receive an email from us with a link to your password-protected gallery, where you will find all of your edited images from your session. Using your Administrator Access Code, you will be able to label certain photos for your mobile app, along with hiding any images from your friends and family. In your "gallery ready" email you will also find the code for your 10% off coupon that will be good for the first month your gallery is live. There will also be directions in this email for how to download your included files if you decided to pre-pay for downloads.


You may place orders directly through your gallery from our trusted labs, and the products will ship right to your house. While we do not restrict where you print the images that you download, we do highly recommend the consumer branch of our professional lab, mPix. 

What to Wear

General Session:

Patterns or prints distract and date your photo. Choose mid-tone color in blue, green, wine and purple because they are universally flattering. Avoid wearing tops in flesh tones (cream, beige, pastels, peach or yellow) as they will blend your face into your clothes. Remember to let your family be who they are! Choose a color palette and arrange coordinating outfits instead of matching ones. When shooting outside, try to avoid green so you aren't lost in the grass! Textures, layers, and patterns photograph well but be mindful of busyness when planning for a large group!


Trying to decide what to wear for your session? Here are some general suggestions! 


Maxi dress: flattering and can be dramatic depending on how you're posed. Also, incredibly comfortable (comfort is key when you're pregnant!)

Solid colors: A nice way to keep your bump the main focus. Want a pattern? Have your partner wear a pattern that goes with what you're wearing.


Belts: Worn above your bump, it'll pull in looser clothing to define your bump! 


Tight clothing: If you don't mind showing off you're pregnancy body, this is a nice way to show off just how amazing the human body is!


Textured clothing (lace, or a chunky knit sweater with jeans!): This will add dimension to your photos and its a nice alternative to prints or patterns.


In general, just be comfortable!


Find colors that work for you! Avoid wearing short sleeves, shiny fabrics or low necklines. Limit the amount of jewelry(unless jewelry is your statement!)  you're wearing in your photos to avoid distraction. Come with your clothes rather than wearing them to avoid wrinkles. Make sure everything is clean and fits well. All of these steps will increase your confidence and you'll be photo ready!

Depending on what your headshots are for, we can keep you looking your most professional while letting your personality shine through. 




A $75 deposit is required to reserve your date and session time. The deposit is non-refundable, but transferable to another date, in the event of illness or inclement weather (to be judged by the photographer). Full payment is due the day of your session. For groups larger than 10 people, an additional $100 will be added to the session fee. Turnaround time is subject to change based on the characteristics of your photoshoot. Sneak Peeks will only be granted to sessions that have been permitted to be used on social media and for marketing. Standard government travel fees will apply for all sessions further than 25 miles from Ringwood, NJ. The chosen location may require a permit, which will be discussed before signing your contract. For more information on any policy, please contact us.

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