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Where do you do sessions?

We are primarily on-location photographers, but can rent out a studio if needed. For more information on our "On Location" sessions, click here For more information on "In Studio" sessions, click here

What is the best time for pictures?

We're glad you asked! For more information on when the best time is for scheduling your outdoor session, click here

Do you have any other policies for sessions?

For our Session policies, please click here

What is "golden hour"?

"Golden Hour" is that magic time of the day where the sun is hanging low enough in the sky to light subject in the most flattering light. This time is typically 2-3 hours after sunsrise and 2-3 hours before sunset. For more information on how (and why) we choose certain times for outdoor portraits, please read this section of our sessions page

What are your rates for sessions?

Please visit our Session Information page for package prices and options

Files & Products

How do I get my included digital files?

Use your Digital File Redemption Code found in your "Thank you" email that was sent a couple of days after your session. To redeem your included files (on a computer only):

  1. Add the images you wish to receive to your favorites list by selecting the star under the image you want
  2. Click on “Favorites” at the top of the screen and confirm you have the number included in your session
  3. On the right hand side, click “Buy All”
  4. Select “Digital” and click on “Full Resolution”
  5. The subtotal will show on the bottom — but don’t panic! That’s what the code is for!
  6. Click on View Cart and click “Checkout”
  7. There will be a link to the right under your order summary to “Add Promo Code”. Type in your code listed above and it will show as a final total at $0.
  8. PLEASE NOTE!!! You must have a minimum of {{job.custom.digital_files_included}} files in your cart for the code to activate. All files MUST be redeemed in one order and cannot be broken up into multiple downloads.
  9. Continue the checkout process and your files will be emailed to you at no additional cost!

What are "digital files"?

"Digital files" is a fancy term for your photos. Once photos are edited, they are saved in a JPEG format. When we refer to "digital files" included or to be purchased, we mean the full-resolution image without a watermark. The watermark will remain on the photos in the gallery, and when you look at them within your shopping cart, but will not be on the actual file you will receive. One "digital file" is equal to one photo.

What if I want to buy more digital files?

Not a problem at all! Simply visit this page on more information regarding purchasing additional digital files.

What kind of products do you offer in your gallery, and what are the prices?

While we ofter a wide variety of prints and products through your gallery (sample pricing can be found here), we recognize that there may be products you don't see listed that you wish to purchase. Just reach out and let us know and we'll help you get what you're looking for!

Why do I have to crop some of my pictures for ordering prints?

We're glad you asked! Digitally speaking, the files that come out of our camera are sized in a 2:3 ratio -- which as you can see, many of the popular print sizes are not. For more information, check out our Cropping and Sizing Guide

I can't download my chosen and redeemed photos to my phone, how can I get them there?

Because of the size of the files, they must be downloaded as zipped files which cell phones and other mobile devices do not recognize. Files must be downloaded and unzipped on a computer and then sent to your mobile device using your preferred method. We find that using a cloud service or drive works the best (such as DropBox or Google Drive).

Can I choose some of my files now and get the rest later?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the redemption process, you must select all your files and process the redeption in one order. Because of this, you must make sure you have a minimum of the number of files icluded in your cart for the code to work. For example:

  • If you choose a package including 20 files and you have 20 files in your cart, your code will work and the order will zero out to $0
  • If you choose a package including 20 files and you have 23 in your cart (because you just couldn't choose!), the code will work and you will be charged for the remaining 3 files
  • If you choose a package including 20 files and you have 13 in your cart, your code will not work and you will be charged for the 13 files.

I have all files included in my package/I have purchased the rest of the files in my session, do I need a Digital File Redemption Code?

Nope! If you have all files from a single session included, then your gallery/album is open to be able to download directly through there. This means you can download files individually, or all at once.

Where can I print my files out?

We can't stop you from printing your included files where you wish -- though we may cringe a bit on the inside when they're printed at Walmart. We highly recommend using MPix, which is the consumer branch of our professional lab, Miller's. Their quality is wonderful, and their pricing is budget-friendly.


What are your rates for event photography?

Our rates and information for shooting events can be found on our Event Information page

What if I have more than 50 people attending, but only want 1 photographer?

Depending on the details of the event and what you're specifically looking for, we may be able to oblige. Just keep in mind that with events with a large number of guests, the number of photos you receive and moments caught may be limited. Of course we can discuss this with you further. Please fill out our Event Request Form, and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your options and our suggestions.

What if I don't want everyone who views my online gallery to be able to download images?

Easy! Just provide us with a 4 number PIN of your choosing, and we can set up your gallery so that the PIN is required for downloading images from your event. Guests with the password to the gallery will still be able to view the images, but not download them.

I see you do not use your hourly rates for events longer than 6 hours. What if I want coverage for more than 6 hours?

Please email us at with more information and we will provide you with a custom quote.

Can I break up hourly coverage with 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon as 4 total hours.

No. Total hours must be done consecutively. However, you may book two sets of 2 hour coverage. In this case the first 2 hours would be the "first hour" and 1 "additional hour". The afternoon time would then have a new "first hour" rate and another 1 "additional hour".


What is a First Look, and should we do one?

A First Look is a private moment done between a couple the day of their wedding, before the ceremony and portraits are done. It gives them a quiet moment to see each other for the first time and truly take in the promise and commitment they are about to make. Doing a First Look will allow the portrait portion of the day to move more smoothly, as well as giving you a better change of enjoying your cocktail hour. We understand many people prefer to keep things traditional and we would never insist on a First Look, but we do highly recommend it. It will be one of the few parts of the day where you are alone together uninterrupted. You will still have that sense of excitement as you walk down the aisle and see each other! Want to keep it traditional, but like the idea of a quiet moment together? We can also do a "Non-Looking First Look" where we station you on either side of a door or the corner of a building. This way you can reach out and hold hands or pass along a special gift without ruining any of the anticipation of seeing each other.

What is a receiving line?

At weddings, a receiving line is when the couple stands at the end of the aisle after walking down as newlyweds for all of their friends and family to individually congratulate the couple. Receiving lines can take up 30-45 minutes depending on the situation, which is why it's important for us know if you're planning on doing one when we help you with the timeline of your day.

What is a COI?

A COI is a Certificate of Insurance, and it's something many venues require us to send them in advance to be allowed to work on premesis. We ask this early on in your questionnaire and it it incredibly important you ask your venue before answering the question on the questionnaire on if you need one or not. If you do not ask and assume the answer is "no" and the venue tells you 2 weeks before that one is needed, we may not be able to get it from our insurance company in time and we will not be able to shoot your wedding.

To you travel for weddings? If so, how far and what is the process?

Yes, we travel! We will pretty much go anywhere (within reason...) and love to explore new places. Depending on the location and type of travel involve, travel fees can range. If it is a driveable distance, we chage the standard government rate per mile. Other distances that may include airfare will be discussed. Hotel fees may also be included in the travel cost depending on the location/time of year/etc. Just reach out! We love doing weddings in unique locations and would love to accompany you on the adventure!

Can we skip the engagement session that's included?

While we're not going to handcuff you and make you do an engagement session, we do *highly* recommend it. If nothing else, think of it as practice for your wedding day. Unless you're a model, you are most likely not that used to being in front of a camera for long periods of time, which can be an awkward feeling to get used to. Working with you for the engagement session will give us a chance to see how you take direction, and will allow us to take the time to teach you a few posing tricks. This will make your portraits the day of the wedding flow in a more relaxed and fun way. Including a free engagement session was something we decided to automatically add on years ago at no additional charge, so removing it will not change the pricing package. If you really cannot do an engagement session due to timing or scheduling, talk to us about ways we can still get you an hour of coverage for something else relating to your wedding.

How far will you travel for an engagement session?

We've travelled all over for engagement sessions, and they're always so much fun! For driving distance locations, we only charge one way of the standard government rate for our couples whose wedding we are booked to shoot. Just let us know what your thoughts are and we'd love to brainstorm and fun and special session for you!

What is a Timeline Consultation Meeting?

About 5 months out from your wedding we'll have our Timeline Consultation Meeting. This is about a 1 hour meeting where we will discuss when certain things are happening and help you work through the timeline for the day of the wedding. This often consists of discussing what time portraits will be done, so everyone knows what time they need to be dressed and ready to go, which in turn helps hair and makeup know what time they should be starting. We've found that since we started offering this assistance to our couples that the weddings we do are much more organized, timely, and not rushed. The last thing we want for you on your wedding day is to feel stressed and miss shots that are most important to you!

How many pictures will we get in our gallery?

There are a few factors that play into how many pictures you'll have after your wedding, and while we can't promise anything we can give you a rough estimate of what we usually get from our weddings:

  • Not full day weddings with 2 photographers and 1 assistant: roughly 1100-1500 pictures
  • Full day wedding with 2 photographers and 1 assistnat: roughly 1800-2200 pictures
  • Full day wedding with 3 photographers and 1 assistant: roughly 3000-3400 pictures

What kind of editing do you do?

Our goal with editing our pictures (aka "post-processing") is to accentuate but not contort reality. We may remove small things that can distract the eye (such as a blemish, spec of dust, a rougue leaf, an outlet in the wall) but we will never change our client's bodies or appearance to make them anything other than the beautiful people they are. We don't believe in body-morphing, but instead in self-love.

What do you mean by "all files included" or "no files included"?

Regardless of which wedding package you choose with Love & Lenses, you will have a gallery full of beautiful images of the day. No files included means that you can view the gallery at any time, and are free to download low-resolution images with the watermark in the bottom corner any time you want (these are referred to as "social size" and are the same files you'll find in your sneak peek album on our Facebook page). You always have the option of purchasing your favorite files at full resolution without the watermark in bulk at any time. All files included means that you can view the gallery at any time (which will have the watermark on the images while you're viewing them in the gallery), but also so you can download any and all images at full resolution without the watermark at any time. You will also receive a USB drive shortly after receiving your gallery link that will have all the files loaded onto it. These are files perfect for printing where you wish at any size, though we highly recommend using our professional lab's consumer company, MPix for their high quality but budget-friendly pricing.


When is your next Portraits in the Park for Operation Smile?

Our next Portraits in the Park for Operation Smile date and availability are listed on our Upcoming Events page. We may be between fundrasiers though, so check back often! Also, newsletter subscribers get first chance at signing up for Portraits in the Park for Operation Smile sessions! Click here to sign up!

Do you do Mini Sessions?

We do Mini Session events, where we offter 15 minute sessions on a specific date at a specific location and registration must be done in advance. Beyond those specified days, we do not offer anything shorter than a 30 minute half session. To book a 30 minute session, please fill out this form. Mini Session dates get released to our newsletter list first, and then released to the public on our Facebook page and Events page on our website. If you're not on our newsletter list, make sure you visit here to sign up for our newsletters for first notice for all our events!

Newborn Sessions

What is the difference between a Basic Newborn Session and a Deluxe Newborn Session?

The Basic Session is a 1-hour session that will include detail shots of the baby with some casual laying down poses only using a few wraps, and you would provide the outfits. These sessions can include other memmbers of the family, but don't have to. These sessions capture the baby's first days beautifully in a natural setting with little posing, focusing more on the baby's natural comfort. The Deluxe Session is a minimum of 2 hours with a maximum of 4 hours. These packages include multiple outfit changes, multiple poses of different difficulty levels depending on the baby's cooperation, multiple wrap options, more props, time with other family members, etc. These sessions are longer because the changing, the wrapping, and the posing takes more time.

Why are Newborn Sessions separate from regular Sessions, and why do they cost more?

Newborn sessions are a little more intricate, and often require much more post-processing than a typical family session due to acne and/or flakey skin that is common with newborns.

Do you take photos of just the baby or can the parents be in some also?

The session participants are totally up to you! Parents and siblings are typically covered during the session but if you just wanted to do the baby's photos please let us know!

Can we supply our own blankets, outfits and props?

Sure you can! We love when sessions include personal touches. It makes the photos unique to the family. Any type of teddy bear you grew up with, blanket made by grandma or maybe dad's favorite sports jersey (and more) are accepted with open arms. Just keep in mind when choosing your props, blankets and outfits to keep the number of items you wish to incorporate to a small amount. During a typical deluxe session, you can incorporate a maximum of 2-3 things depending on how the baby is doing. We will try our best to incorporate what we can but we can't guarantee everything will be incorporated. This being said, options are welcome! Have them set aside when we arrive for your session!

What if the baby cries the whole time?

Unfortunately this happens sometimes BUT with our experience in the past, we have a few tricks we can try to calm the baby down the best we can, though some crying photos are cute!

Are feedings included in the shooting time?

Although we try to plan for a feeding when we arrive, it's not always an option. Feedings usually occur during the session but during this time, we can capture details like little feet, take photos of siblings or prepare a new set up for the next round of photos.

Can we include pets?

Yes! We love full family involvement! We just ask in advance you let us know how many pets and what kind of pet you're interested in incorporating so we can best prepare ourselves. We will try our best to incorporate your furry/scaley or feathered (yes, we've photographed chickens) family members best we can!