St. John's First Communion

Mini Sessions

For a few years now, Love & Lenses team members have been photographing many of St. John's events. This year, things have shifted for everyone! We're now offering 10-minute mini-sessions to the families receiving their adjusted First Communions this fall, exclusive to parishioners of St. John's.

We have many clients within the parish who we have been working with for a while, and we're excited to not only see some familiar faces but to make some new friends as well.

What We're Offering

For $50 you will receive a 10-minute private mini-session, with up to 3 poses, and one immediate family only* group photo. Your online private gallery will be "unlocked", which means full-resolution non-watermarked images are all included in your package. 

You will also have the option to additionally purchase product credits at a discounted rate. These product credits can be used online through your gallery for purchasing prints and other select products. You can choose between paying $25 for $30 worth of products, or pay $50 for $70 worth of products.

How It Will Work

To register and purchase a mini-session timeslot, you will fill out the form below. Our system will send you an immediate reply to make sure we didn't end up in your spam folder. You will then hear back from us within a few days to confirm your registration, letting you know your assigned time slot, and giving you the information for processing your quote (signing a contract, making your payment, etc).

**PLEASE NOTE** To keep things simple for everyone, timeslots will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.



  • After you fill out the form below, you will receive an email with your quote to process to pay for your session and sign your contract. Please note that each quote has an expiration date. If you fail to process your quote by the expiration date, your quote will expire and you will forfeit your previously assigned timeslot and will have to sign up for a new one.

  • While your mini-session is 10 minutes, the assigned timeslots will be in 15-minute increments. This is built-in on purpose to allow for clients to leave the photo area and arrive for their timeslot without crowding due to church regulations and social distancing protocol. Because of this, we ask you to please be extra respectful about your assigned time.

  • We cannot make up for lost time due to being late for your time slot. We are on a tight timeline and will not be able to accommodate late arrivals. Payments will not be refunded for late/missed timeslots.

  • Due to the tight timeline restrictions as well as social distancing protocols, we cannot accommodate extended family group portraits. Please only have immediate family involved in the group picture portion of your mini-session.

  • When the service is over, St. John's leaders will be bringing your children only back to the vestibule for a distanced group photo. Parents and family members are to leave from the assigned door and may come around to the side of the vestibule to retrieve your children after their group photo.

  • After the group photo is over, please return to your vehicles until it is your timeslot. Please be outside the entrance doors by the vestibule just before your time slot so our photographer knows where to find you so we don't use up your session time.


After the Sessions are Over

When your gallery is ready, an email will be sent to you with the link and password information. If you purchase a product coupon, it will be sent to you in an email within a few days of making the payment. Please don't lose that email!

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