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Love for Liam Fundraiser

May 19, 2024
(Rain Date June 2, 2024)

Ringwood State Park
Ringwood, NJ


One of our long-time clients (and the first wedding Brianna and Rebecca captured together in 2012!) just received the news that their 5-year-old son, Liam, was just diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  For the next two years, Liam will undergo grueling rounds of chemotherapy and medical procedures.  His mother, Maria, has taken a leave of absence to dedicate herself to her son's care.  


Our Spring Mini-Sessions this year will be for Liam and the entire Frerichs Family! 100% of the session cost will go directly to the family to help support them as much as we can.



We'll also collect gift cards at the mini-session if you want to donate things like Amazon, GrubHub, Intacart, or anything else for the family.


Please read all of the information below, even if you have participated in one of our mini-session events, as some things may have changed. Let us know if you have any questions! 

Location Information

Location Information



Our Love for Liam Mini-Sessions will be held at: 

Ringwood Manor Ringwood State Park, Ringwood, NJ

(1304 Sloatsburg Rd, Ringwood, NJ 07456).


Q: Will there be an entrance fee?
       A:  There is no entrance fee to the park.


Q: Where in the park will you be?
       A:  When you get to the park, follow the main road (past a small pond on the left) until you turn left into the main parking lot. You can park here and walk to where we'll be. If you stand with the Manor
to your left, you'll see a small road to the far right-hand side of the parking lot. Our volunteers will be stationed by our cars near the corner of the parking lot near the small road to point you in the right direction. Please see the pictures below:






























Q: If I get lost, can I call you?
       A: Unfortunately, we won't be available to answer text messages, phone calls, or emails while shooting other client's mini-sessions. We also have extremely limited cell phone service and cannot receive messages during our breaks.


Q: Can I bring props?
       A:  Of course! If there is something special you would like to include in your portraits, please feel free to bring it. Some prop choices are available during the event, but they will be limited and shared among mini-sessions. We frequently try to incorporate some seated poses into your mini-session, so if you are wearing clothing you are concerned will get dirty, we suggest you bring a blanket that matches your wardrobe color scheme.

Q: Can we bring pets?

       A:  Yes! Pets are allowed at Ringwood Manor.

Q: Are there any other restrictions?

       A:  As per the park rules, the following items are NOT ALLOWED in the park - smoke bombs, confetti, alcohol (including champagne), and any form of fire (candles/sparklers/etc).

Ringwood Manor Map.jpg
Process Upon Arrival

Process Upon Arrival



When you arrive at the park, you will find our volunteers camped out by the open trunk of one of our vehicles. They will check you in and make sure everyone is ready for your session. They will welcome you to our event, help you choose one of the locations available, and pick out any props or blankets if desired. Please keep in mind that certain areas of the park may not be ideal lighting-wise during your session. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your time slot.


Please see Payment Information for how to make your donation.

Late Arrivals

Late Arrivals



Due to the nature of the short 15-minute mini-sessions, we will not be able to accommodate extending sessions due to late arrival. If you arrive late, photos will only be taken for as long as is remaining in your time slot. Regardless of what time the session starts, there will be no refunds.

Payment Information

Payment Information



Donations can be made online during your booking process, or a check with your donation amount may be sent to Love & Lenses. If you plan on paying by check, please ensure we receive it by Wednesday, May 15, 2024. The State Park requests that money not be exchanged on park premises, so if you cannot mail it in time, please get in touch with us regarding how to send in your donation.


Q: Why is the session fee a “suggested donation of at least $30”?
       A: We have always made our donations for our Portraits in the Park Fundraisers $30 per mini-session, so we decided to keep it simple for Love for Liam and keep it the same. What you decide to donate is up to you, but we ask that it be at least $30 so we can reach our goal for the family.

Q: What is included in my session fee?
       A: Like other sessions and events, your mini-session includes Facebook images (depending on your social media preference), an online gallery, post-processing, and a 10% off coupon. As a special thank you, you’ll also get one free digital file of your choice from your online gallery!

Q: How do I donate more than $30?
       A: During the booking process, you can add on an additional donation in increments of $5. We'll also be collecting gift cards for the family on the day of the mini-sessions if you would like to make any additional donations that way.


Q: My plans suddenly changed. Can I get my money back or reschedule the mini-session?
       A: Because booking the slot and making the payment locks out other clients from booking, donations are non-refundable. This way we can make sure and raise as much money as possible for this wonderful family. Unless we need to use the rain date, no other dates for the fundraiser will be added. 

Post-Portrait Process

Post-Portrait Process and Ordering Information



After the event, we will go through and edit a few select images from each session and post to our Facebook page (depending on your social media preferences) in a Sneak Peek album. Please note that we will only be providing Sneak Peeks to Social Media approved sessions.


Once all the images are edited (approximately 4-6 weeks), they will be uploaded to an online gallery on our website and you will receive an email letting you know your photos are ready. That email will also include an unlimited use coupon code for 10% off, good for 1 month from the date the gallery is posted, and the code and directions for downloading your included file. Do not lose that email.


Q: Can I buy additional digital files?
       A: Yes! There are several options for purchasing files directly through your online gallery.

Q: What are the price ranges for purchasing prints?
       A:  Prints: 4x6 - $5; 5x7 - $7: 8x10 - $10; 11x14 - $25
These are just a small sample of print sizes and products available. Canvas prints, metal prints, and books are also available. Ask for more information!


Q: How many photos will we get?
       A:  It depends on the people in your session, but you could end up with anywhere between 15-100 photos. If your young ones are having a rough day and acting up, the number will be lower. If they're having a great day and are active and smiling, we may get a lot more shots out of them. If your group is small and is mostly adults, you will probably have a somewhat lower number (as we won't have to take 20 pictures per pose to make sure no one is making googly eyes or pouting).


Q: How long will it take for the pictures to be ready?
       A:  It depends on where you are in the day's schedule. Photos will be processed chronologically, so the 9 am slot will be the first to be processed. However, the Sneak Peek album will be on Facebook within a day or two and contain pictures from all sessions that allow Social Media use.


Q: What is a Sneak Peek album? 
       A:  We get just as excited as you do about pictures! This means we can hardly wait to get back to our computers to see how they turned out. Within a few days of the event, we go through all the pictures quickly to pick out a 
couple of 
favorites from each (social media approved) session, process them and post them on Facebook with watermarks for you to view and share while you wait for the rest to be done. Clients who prefer their photos be kept off Social Media will have to wait for their full album to be ready.


Q: What does "Process" mean?

        A:  Processing or post-processing your images means we go through and fine-tune each image so it's the final work of art you would like to hang up in your home. It may include some light retouching (removal of temporary blemishes like scratches or acne) and sometimes conversion to black and white or other special color processing. This is what separates the art of photography from snapshots.


Q: How do I get my free digital file?
        A:  The day after your mini-session, you will receive a "thank you" email with your personal code and directions on how to download your included file.

Wha to Wear

What to Wear



Colors - Gone are the days of matching attire for family portraits! These photo sessions should be about expressing your personalities, not making you look like a sports team. Choose a few colors that work together and have everyone dress in those shades. When choosing colors, try to think about what the pictures will be used for. A print hanging on your living room wall? Make sure your wardrobe colors flow with the colors in your living room.

Clothes, Accessories and Shoes - Choose a top with sleeves at least down to your elbows. Exposed arms
create an uneven balance of skin compared to the face, and most people do not like the way their upper arms photograph. If you are looking to draw attention away from your hips, stay away from pockets and other details on hips. To give the illusion of a more defined waist, choose clothes with gathering at the waist or accessorize with a high-waist belt. If you want to include a "statement" piece to accessorize with, only choose one. Ladies if you have a killer pair of heels you want to show off, bring them! But remember our location is in an outdoor park, so bring a backup pair of shoes to change into between poses. Gents, make sure socks match pants and that your shoes are clean. Avoid white sneakers! They're incredibly distracting in a portrait. Kids should look like kids. Dress them in age appropriate clothes that match the color scheme and tone of the rest of the family. Make sure shoes are clean and if appropriate, shined. Accessories follow that of ladies and gents.

Jewelry - Like accessories, picking a statement piece is good, but don't go overboard. If you have wedding or engagement rings, make sure they're cleaned for any possible close-ups. For kids, keep accessories minimal and "real" as much as possible. If your little princess refuses to leave the house without her bright pink plastic pearls, go with the flow and limit any other accessories. It will be a precious reminder of this time in her childhood and will be better than a pouting princess!

Nails & Hands - Make sure nails are trimmed and clean, either entirely unpolished or freshly painted. Having problems with old polish staining your nails? Try a little whitening toothpaste to help remove stains.

Hair - Wear your hair the way you normally would with the clothes you picked out to wear. For kids, pick simple styles that will last through the kids playing. Avoid tight ponytails, which could create a "balding" effect in the images.

Makeup - It should be slightly bolder than your everyday look, with definition on the eyes, cheeks and lips. Stay away from the "smoky eye look" which can make eyes appear sunken. To prevent dark circles under your eyes, apply a small amount of concealer that matches your skin tone under your eyes.

Bad Weather

Bad Weather



Bad weather happens, unfortunately -- so we need to have plans on the off chance we might have an unfavorable day for taking pictures!


If we are forecast for a high percentage of steady rain or thunderstorms, we may postpone to the rain date, and you will be notified within a couple of days of the event.


If we are forecast for "iffy" weather (scattered thunderstorms, low percentages of rain, misty/foggy weather), we will still try to run the event. We will not shoot if thunder is audible, however. If your session gets passed due to waiting out a scattered storm, then we will reschedule you for the rain date.


If we have to postpone to use the rain date, you will be notified the day before the event. If you do not receive an email from us, then we will still be running the event. If the rain date is used, the gallery due date will be adjusted accordingly as well. For more information, please read your contract thoroughly.


Hopefully, none of this will matter, and we will have a bright sunny day! Everyone think good thoughts!

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