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Tips for a

Great Session

Excited for your upcoming session? So are we!

We've gathered some tips and tricks to help you prepare for a great session. Plus, in our experience, following these tips and having certain items on hand can often help speed up our post-processing -- getting you your photos back a little faster.

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To Prepare

  • Pick back up outfits - for both kids and adults alike. You never know what might not fit right at the last minute. Consider bringing backup outfits (especially for sessions with kids) just in case.

  • Be mindful of children's sleep schedules - if possible, work around children's nap and sleep schedules, and try not to skip naptime the day of your session.

  • Figure out driving times - for the location you'll be travelling from to your session location. Don't forget to check for the correct day and time. Plan on arriving about 10 minutes before your session to give everyone time to get out of the car and get settled.

  • Try new clothing/accessories/hairstyles in advance - you don't want to get your pictures back only to discover you don't like the way your hat looked!

  • Review everyone's attire before leaving the house - make sure everyone is wearing the intended socks, shoes, pants, and so on.

  • Final spot check - look for clean fingernails, remnants of temporary tattoos, marker stains, etc. (the less we have to clean up, the faster we can process your images!)

  • Lotion up - faces, hands, and any other body part that will be visible. Do it before you leave the house and give it time to set in, reapplying as needed when you get to your session. Especially important during "dry skin" seasons, and after sunburns!

  • Pack items in the "To Bring" list - check out our suggested list below and grab everything that would be helpful for your session

  • Wipe faces and hands - when you get out of the car, use baby wipes to give (especially kids) a final wipedown (looking for eye crusties, food crumbs, boogery noses)

  • Empty pockets/remove unwanted items when you're about to start your session - cell phones create bulges in pockets. Remove things such as phones, keys, sunglasses, wallets, hair elastics, etc.

  • For Cake Smash sessions: If you're planning on doing a cake smash session and you will not be doing it at your own home, please remember to bring a blanket for setting them on and a towel and wet wipes for clean up. We also recommend bringing a garbage bag for transporting things back to your house after the session.

To Bring

  • Hairbrush/comb/hairspray (if desired)

  • Shout/Tide wipes

  • Lint roller

  • Baby wipes/ Wet Ones

  • Lotion

  • Tissues

  • For kids - favorite toy/have a favorite song ready

  • Non-messy snacks (pretzels, carrots, crackers, etc. are great choices - try to steer clear of chocolate, bright-colored candy, sticky or liquidy items)

  • Backup outfits/change of clothes or shoes

  • Blanket for sitting on that matches your color pallette, if you plan on doing any sitting pictures and/or if you're doing a cake smash

  • Towels (if doing a cake smash)

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