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Welcome to the

Love & Lenses Family!

At Love & Lenses, we're all about connection. Our goal here is to create a space for our wedding clients, both before and after their big day. A space to gather more information, to prepare and plan, to reach out and talk to other Love & Lenses couples.

This "wedding clients only" section of our website is still growing, and we'd love feedback from you on what you want to see here! Even if your big day has passed, we'd love to know what would have made this experience even better.

So stay tuned, and reach out! More is coming!

First Looks, Engagement Sessions, and more!

Winnie & Winston's Wedding BF PORTFOLIO-11.jpg

How to prep and order your wedding album, requesting mobile apps, and more!

Tina & Tom's Wedding PORTFOLIO-57.jpg

Making your Family Shot List, preparing for your Timeline Consultation Meeting, and more!

Ludovica & Corey's Wedding BF PORTFOLIO-27.jpg

...because sometimes these terms just don't make sense

Desiree & Joe's Wedding BF PORTFOLIO-48_edited.jpg
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